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7.2. Manually Authorizing Package Sources

To manually add a public key to your rpm keyring, use the import feature of the rpm utility. To import the file GPG-PUB-KEY.asc, type the following command:
su -c 'rpm --import GPG-PUB-KEY.asc'
At the prompt, enter the password for the root account.
You may also import public keys directly from a web site. For example, to import the file GPG-PUB-KEY.asc on the web site use this command:
su -c 'rpm --import'
At the prompt, enter the root password.

Importing the Fedora Key on Fedora Core 3

To add the Fedora public key to the rpm keyring on Fedora Core 3 systems, run the command su -c 'rpm --import /usr/share/rhn/RPM-GPG-KEY-fedora'.