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7.3. Understanding Repository Compatibility

The Fedora Extras repository provides packages which are built to the same standards as Fedora Core packages. Third-party packages should be compatible with these Fedora Project packages, unless the provider specifically states otherwise.
Always read the web site of the repository for information on package compatibility before you add it as a package source. Separate repository providers may offer different and incompatible versions of the same software. Third-party repositories may also provide alternative packages for software that is included in Fedora repositories.
Alternative packages may contain versions of the software that function differently from the version in the Fedora Project packages. Determine the benefits and potential incompatibilities before replacing Fedora Project packages with alternative versions.

Incompatible Repositories

If you configure your system to use incompatible repositories yum operations may fail.
Packages built for one version of Fedora are usually not compatible with other versions of Fedora. The web site of the provider should specifically state which versions of Fedora they support.

Old Versions of yum and Current Repositories

The data format for repository indexes changed with version 2.1 of yum. This was the version supplied with Fedora Core 3. Repository providers should specify the versions of Fedora Core that they support. To confirm that an unlabeled repository is compatible with current versions of yum, check that it has a sub-directory called repodata/.