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5.2. Advanced Searches

If you do not know the name of the package, use the search or provides options. Alternatively, use wild cards with any yum search option to broaden the search criteria.
The search option checks the names, descriptions, summaries and listed package maintainers of all of the available packages to find those that match. For example, to search for all packages that relate to Palm Pilots, type:
su -c 'yum search PalmPilot'
Enter the password for the root account when prompted.
The provides function checks both the files included in the packages and the functions that the software provides. This option requires yum to download and read much larger index files than with the search option.
To search for all packages that include files called libneon, type:
su -c 'yum provides libneon'
To search for all packages that either provide a MTA (Mail Transport Agent) service, or include files with mta in their name:
su -c 'yum provides MTA'
For each command, at the prompt enter the password for the root account.
Use the standard wild-card characters to run any search option with a partial word or name: ? to represent any one character, and * to mean zero or more characters. Always add the escape character (\) before wild-cards.
To list all packages with names that begin with tsc, type:
su -c 'yum list tsc\*'