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5. Searching for Packages with yum

Use the search features of yum to find software that is available from the configured repositories, or already installed on your system. Searches automatically include both installed and available packages.
The format of the results depends upon the option. If the query produces no information, there are no packages matching the criteria.

5.1. Searching by Package Name and Attributes

To search for a specific package by name, use the list function. To search for the package tsclient, use the command:
su -c 'yum list tsclient'
Enter the password for the root account when prompted.
To make your queries more precise, specify packages with a name that include other attributes, such as version or hardware architecture. To search for version 0.132 of the application, use the command:
su -c 'yum list tsclient-0.132'

Valid Package Attributes

Refer to Section 2.4, “Understanding Package Names” for information on package name formats and the attributes that they include.