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4.2. Kickstart Changes

Three new kickstart keywords have been added.
repo --name=<repoid> [--baseurl=<url>|--mirrorlist=<url>
repo specifies additional package repositories to use for installation. baseurl specifies the URL for the repository, while mirrorlist specifies a list of mirrors. One and only one of these options may be specified per repository definition.
services [--disabled=<list>] [--enabled=<list>]
services modifies the default set of services that are started in the default runlevel. enabled and disabled take comma-separated lists, with enabled services taking priority.
user --name=<username> [--groups=<list>] [--homedir=<homedir>] [--password=<password>] [--iscrypted] [--shell=<shell>] [--uid=<uid>]
user creates a new user with the specified parameters. name is required; all other parameters are optional.
More documentation on kickstart is available in the anaconda package. To install it, run the command su -c 'yum install anaconda' and read the /usr/share/doc/anaconda*/kickstart-docs.txt file for more information.