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8.4. Web Browsers

There is no longer a browser suite package contained in Fedora Core 6. The mozilla package has been removed. For equivalent functionality, use firefox as a web browser and thunderbird as a mail client, or use seamonkey, a browser suite distributed in Fedora Extras.
To better support certain scripts (such as Indic and some CJK scripts), Fedora builds its Firefox using the Pango system as its text renderer. Pango is used with the permission of the Mozilla Corporation. This change may negatively impact performance on some pages. To disable the use of Pango, set MOZ_DISABLE_PANGO=1 in your environment before launching Firefox.

Gecko based browsers Firefox and Epiphany now properly render MathML when using the Pango text backend. Additionally, several issues with the rendering and behavior of text when using the Pango text backend have been resolved. Epiphany now renders using Pango by default.