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11. Development

This section covers various development tools and features.

11.1. Runtime

These are the new features in glibc:
  • Support for priority inheriting and priority protecting mutexes. These are two features described in the POSIX standards.
    • Priority inheriting mutexes automatically prevent priority inversion caused by waiting for the availability of mutexes. The kernel automatically boosts the priority of the thread holding the mutex until it unlocks the mutex.
    • Priority protection allows to specify a priority that all threads that acquire the mutex will run with until the mutex is unlocked. This feature is not available for robust mutexes.
  • The destination address sorting performed by the getaddrinfo() interface for hostname lookup can now be customized by rules in the /etc/gai.conf file.
  • Significant speed-ups in NIS and NIS+ processing.
  • RFC 3542 support completed (advanced socket APIs for IPv6).
  • Significant speed-ups of dynamic symbol lookup.