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19. Internationalization (i18n)

This section includes information on language support under Fedora Core.

19.1. Input Methods

The default SCIM (Simple Common Input Method) GTK Input Method Module is now scim-bridge, written from scratch in C by Ryo Dairiki. SCIM is no longer linked against libstdc++so7, and scim-qtimm works again.
After upgrading from Fedora Core, install scim-bridge-gtk, otherwise the SCIM GTK Input Method Module is used. This may conflict with 3rd party C++ applications linked against older versions of libstdc++.
If SCIM is installed, it now runs by default for users of all locales rather than only some Asian locales as in the previous release. The following table lists the default trigger hotkeys for different languages:
Trigger hotkeys
Zenkaku_Hankaku or Alt+`

19.1.1. Language Installation

To install additional language support from the Languages group, use pirut or Applications+Add/Remove Software, or run this command:
su -c 'yum groupinstall <language>-support'

In the command above, <language> is one of assamese, bengali, chinese, gujarati, hindi, japanese, kannada, korean, malayalam, marathi, oriya, punjabi, sinhala, tamil, thai, or telegu.