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4. Installation Notes

Fedora Installation Guide

For information on how to install Fedora Core, refer to
Anaconda is the name of the Fedora Installer. This section outlines those issues that are related to Anaconda (the Fedora Core installation program) and installing Fedora Core 6.

Downloading Large Files

If you intend to download the Fedora Core 6 DVD ISO image, keep in mind that not all file downloading tools can accommodate files larger than 2 GiB in size. wget 1.9.1-16 and above, curl and ncftpget do not have this limitation, and can successfully download files larger than 2 GiB. BitTorrent is another method for downloading large files. For information about obtaining and using the torrent file, refer to
Anaconda tests the integrity of installation media by default. This function works with the CD, DVD, hard drive ISO, and NFS ISO installation methods. The Fedora Project recommends that you test all installation media before starting the installation process, and before reporting any installation-related bugs. Many of the bugs reported are actually due to improperly-burned CDs. To use this test, type linux mediacheck at the boot: prompt presented at the start of installation.
The mediacheck function is highly sensitive, and may report some usable discs as faulty. This result is often caused by disc writing software that does not include padding when creating discs from ISO files. For best results with mediacheck, boot with the following option:
linux ide=nodma

After you complete the mediacheck function successfully, reboot to return DMA mode to its normal state. On many systems this results in a faster installation process from disc. You may skip the mediacheck option when rebooting.
Use the sha1sum utility to verify discs before carrying out an installation. This test accurately identifies discs that are not valid or identical to the ISO image files.

BitTorrent Automatically Verifies File Integrity

If you use BitTorrent, any files you download are automatically validated. If your file completes downloading, you do not need to check it. Once you burn your CD, however, you should still use mediacheck.
You may perform memory testing before you install Fedora Core by entering memtest86 at the boot: prompt. This option runs the Memtest86 standalone memory testing software in place of Anaconda. Memtest86 memory testing continues until the Esc key is pressed.

Memtest86 Availability

You must boot from Installation Disc 1 or a rescue CD in order to use this feature.
Fedora Core 6 supports graphical FTP and HTTP installations. However, the installer image must either fit in RAM or appear on local storage such as Installation Disc 1. Therefore, only systems with more than 192MiB of RAM, or which boot from Installation Disc 1, can use the graphical installer. Systems with 192MiB RAM or less fall back to using the text-based installer automatically. If you prefer to use the text-based installer, type linux text at the boot: prompt.

4.1. Changes in Anaconda

  • Anaconda now features the ability to install packages from Fedora Extras or any custom yum-compatible software repository. Fedora Extras is available by default on interactive installs with network connectivity.

Yum Repository Support

Only HTTP and FTP repositories are supported; repositories on CDs or NFS are not currently supported.
  • You can now use the installer to generate a Live CD for Kadischi. Refer to for more details.
  • Anaconda uses SquashFS to compress and store packages on images.
  • Anaconda now supports installation using IPv6.
  • Anaconda now supports installation from FireWire and USB storage devices.
  • Anaconda's backend, yum, has been updated to 2.9.x.
  • The installer provides enhanced support for the ppc64 architecture.
  • The installer now supports Apple Macintosh systems with Intel processors.
  • The installer now supports multipathing.
  • Vera fonts are retired and replaced by DejaVu as default for the installer.
  • The installer is now translated in Greek, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi and Oriya.