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21. Package Changes

This list is automatically generated

This list is automatically generated. It is not a good choice for translation.
For a list of which packages were updated since the previous release, refer to You can also find a comparison of major packages between all Fedora versions at

# 2006-09-29 -- treediff <oldtree> <newtree>

New package alacarte
	Simple menu editor for GNOME

New package bouncycastle
	Bouncy Castle Crypto Package for Java

New package cachefilesd
	CacheFiles userspace management daemon

New package ccid
	Generic USB CCID smart card reader driver

New package compat-gcc-34
	Compatibility GNU Compiler Collection

New package compiz
	OpenGL window and compositing manager

New package coolkey
	CoolKey PKCS #11 module

New package dbus-glib
	GLib bindings for D-Bus

New package dbus-python
	D-Bus Python Bindings

New package dbus-sharp
	C# bindings for D-Bus

New package dejavu-lgc-fonts
	DejaVu LGC Fonts

New package dogtail
	GUI test tool and automation framework

New package esc
	Enterprise Security Client Smart Card Client

New package fedora-release-notes
	Release Notes for Fedora Core 5.92

New package fonts-sinhala
	Fonts for Sinhala

New package gcalctool
	A desktop calculator

New package gfs2-utils
	Utilities for managing the global filesystem (GFS)

New package gnome-sharp
	GTK+ and GNOME bindings for Mono

New package gnome-vfs2-monikers
	Monikers for the GNOME virtual file-system

New package gnu-efi
	Development Libraries and headers for EFI

New package gnu-getopt
	Java getopt implementation

New package gucharmap
	Unicode character picker and font browser

New package hesinfo
	Command-line Hesiod client.

New package ifd-egate
	Axalto Egate SmartCard device driver for PCSC-lite

New package im-chooser
	Desktop Input Method configuration tool

New package jakarta-oro
	Full regular expressions API

New package kdnssd-avahi
	KDE zeroconf implementation based on avahi

New package libdhcp
	A library for network interface configuration with DHCP

New package libpfm
	a performance monitoring library for Linux/ia64

New package libtirpc
	Transport Independent RPC Library

New package libutempter
	A privileged helper for utmp/wtmp updates

New package lvm2-cluster
	Cluster extenstions for userland logical volume management tools

New package mcstrans
	SELinux Translation Daemon

New package notification-daemon
	Notification Daemon

New package notify-python
	Python bindings for libnotify

New package openais
	The openais Standards-Based Cluster Framework executive and APIs

New package openmpi
	Open Message Passing Interface

New package orca
	Flexible, extensible, and powerful assistive technology

New package pam_pkcs11
	PKCS #11/NSS PAM login module

New package paps
	Plain Text to PostScript converter

New package pcsc-lite
	PC/SC Lite smart card framework and applications

New package perl-IO-Socket-INET6
	Perl Object interface for AF_INET|AF_INET6 domain sockets

New package perl-IO-Socket-SSL
	Perl library for transparent SSL

New package perl-Net-SSLeay
	Perl extension for using OpenSSL

New package perl-Socket6
	IPv6 related part of the C socket.h defines and structure manipulators

New package pfmon
	a performance monitoring tool for Linux/ia64

New package postgresql-jdbc
	JDBC driver for PostgreSQL

New package pygobject2
	Python bindings for gobjects

New package pyspi
	Python bindings for AT-SPI

New package python-xeninst
	Python modules for starting Xen guest installations

New package scim-bridge
	SCIM Bridge Gtk IM module

New package scim-sinhala
	Sri Lankan input method for SCIM

New package setroubleshoot
	Helps troubleshoot SELinux problems

New package unifdef
	Unifdef tool for removing ifdef'd lines

New package virt-manager
	Virtual Machine Manager

New package werken-xpath
	XPath implementation using JDOM

New package wireshark
	Network traffic analyzer

New package xkeyboard-config
	xkeyboard-config alternative xkb data files

New package xorg-sgml-doctools
	X.Org SGML documentation generation tools

New package xorg-x11-docs
	X.Org X11 documentation

New package xorg-x11-drv-amd
	Xorg X11 AMD Geode video driver

New package xorg-x11-drv-ast
	Xorg X11 ast video driver

New package xorg-x11-drv-vmmouse
	Xorg X11 vmmouse input driver

New package yum-metadata-parser
	A fast metadata parser for yum

New package zenity
	Display dialog boxes from shell scripts

Removed package GFS-kernel

Removed package GFS

Removed package Guppi

Removed package HelixPlayer

Removed package bg5ps

Removed package caching-nameserver

Removed package ccs

Removed package ckermit

Removed package cman-kernel

Removed package ddd

Removed package dlm

Removed package dlm-kernel

Removed package eclipse-pydev

Removed package ethereal

Removed package fence

Removed package fence

Removed package freeglut

Removed package gal

Removed package gdk-pixbuf

Removed package gkrellm

Removed package glibc-kernheaders

Removed package gnbd

Removed package gnbd-kernel

Removed package gnome-libs

Removed package gnome-print

Removed package gnopernicus

Removed package gnu.getopt

Removed package gtk+

Removed package gtk-engines

Removed package gulm

Removed package h2ps

Removed package iddev

Removed package imlib

Removed package kon2

Removed package lha

Removed package libghttp

Removed package liblbxutil

Removed package libpng10

Removed package liboldX

Removed package libsetrans

Removed package libstdc++so7

Removed package libxkbui

Removed package longrun

Removed package magma-plugins

Removed package macutils

Removed package magma

Removed package mozilla

Removed package notify-daemon

Removed package oaf

Removed package openmotif

Removed package openobex-apps

Removed package oro

Removed package rhnlib

Removed package valgrind-callgrind

Removed package utempter

Removed package werken.xpath

Removed package xorg-x11-xkbdata

Removed package xpdf

Removed package xscreensaver