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Fedora Core 6

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Edition 2.0

Fedora Documentation Project

Matt Bird

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1. Document Conventions
1.1. Typographic Conventions
1.2. Pull-quote Conventions
1.3. Notes and Warnings
2. We Need Feedback!
1. Introduction
1.1. About this Document
2. Logging into the Desktop
2.1. Logging In: An Explanation
2.2. I Cannot Login: HELP!
3. Tour of the Desktop
3.1. View of the Default Desktop
3.2. The Menu Panel
3.3. The Desktop Area
3.4. The Window List Panel
4. Using Media
4.1. Understanding
4.2. Exploring Media
4.3. Writing CDs or DVDs
4.4. Using a USB Drive
5. Accessing the Web
5.1. Starting Firefox
5.2. Going Further
6. Communications (Email, IM)
6.1. Setting Up Your Email
6.2. Setting up Instant Messaging
6.3. Using Gaim
7. Office Tools
7.1. Applications
7.2. For Further Information
8. Playing Multimedia (Music & Video)
8.1. Playing Audio CDs
8.2. Converting Audio CDs to Music Files
8.3. Organizing your Multimedia Files
8.4. Playing Videos
8.5. Fedora Project's Approach to Multimedia Support
8.6. MP3, DVD, and Other Excluded Multimedia
8.7. For Further Information
9. Playing Games
9.1. Brief Description of Each Game
10. Managing Photos
10.1. Connecting Your Camera
10.2. Organizing and Importing Photos
10.2.1. Selecting a Filing Method
10.2.2. Categorizing Your Photos
11. Sharing Your Desktop
12. Customizing the Desktop
12.1. Changing the Theme
12.2. Changing the Background
12.3. Customizing File Browsing Behavior