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Chapter 1. Cloud Concepts

1.1. An Introduction into Cloud Services using Fedora
1.1.1. What is Cloud Computing
1.1.2. Types of Cloud Services
1.1.3. Infrastructure as a Service
1.1.4. Platform as a Service
1.1.5. Software as a Service

1.1. An Introduction into Cloud Services using Fedora

1.1.1. What is Cloud Computing

Pardon the pun, but "the cloud" is a nebulous term. When well-meaning people talk about cloud computing, they are often talking about one of many difference scenarios. In this section, we'll explore using Fedora and various aspects of cloud computing.

1.1.2. Types of Cloud Services

There are various types of cloud services:

1.1.3. Infrastructure as a Service

1.1.4. Platform as a Service

1.1.5. Software as a Service