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2.2. BoxGrinder

BoxGrinder creates appliances (virtual machines) from simple plain text appliance definition files for various virtual platforms. There are effectively three types of transactions that BoxGrinder performs. The first is to create an operating system image (or in BoxGrinder terminology, a build). The second operation is to convert the image to the target hypervisor. For example, this takes the raw disk image (created in the earlier step) and converts it to an EC2 AMI, a XenServer VHD, or qemu QCOW2 file. The final operation is to push the freshly converted image to the destination hypervisor or cloud platform.
This section is intended to give you a brief introduction to BoxGrinder. More details and tutorials are available online[1].

2.2.1. Installing BoxGrinder

Installation of BoxGrinder is quite easy using yum.
yum install rubygem-boxgrinder-build

[1] The BoxGrinder website is located at, and tutorials are available at