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Chapter 25. RPM Resources

25.1. Finding RPM Sites
25.1.1. The main site
25.1.2. RPM locator sites
25.1.3. RPM tools sites
25.1.4. Programming sites
25.1.5. Sites related to RPM
25.2. Accessing RPM Mailing Lists and Newsgroups
This appendix covers:
This appendix covers the material available on the Internet for working with RPM.

Finding RPM Sites

There is a wealth of RPM material online, although some of it is hard to find. The following sections list a number of RPM-related sites, divided by category. Note that as with any Internet sites, the sites listed my change or disappear.

The main site

The main RPM site is This site provides the official distributions of the RPM software, as well as a lot of documentation online.
Table F-1 lists a number of useful links on this site.
Table F-1 Links on the site
RPM software downloads download site
Instructions for accessing the RPM CVS repository
Tips for working with RPM
Good tips on bootstrapping RPM to new platforms
How-to documents for working with RPM
Maximum RPM by Edward C. Bailey
Good introductory tutorial
API documentation
The main RPM FTP site, at, includes the RPM distributions, as well as the Berkeley DB version 3 library, and the text of the book Maximum RPM. Download RPM software from

RPM locator sites

A number of sites help you find RPMs for various applications. On the main sites, you can find specially built RPMs for a variety of Linux distributions. You can then download the RPMs made especially for your systems.
The main RPM-finding site is, which offers a search engine as well as software you can run on your site.
The RPM PBone Search, at, is also very useful.
The site lists a number of places that package RPMs and provide them for downloading.
Many Java libraries and packages are available in RPM format from
Table F-2 lists a number of other RPM download sites.
Table F-2 RPM download sites
Links to a huge number of RPMs, many specific to various Linux distributions
RPM PBone search, useful for finding RPMs
Lists a number of sites that provide RPMs for download
Many Java packages in RPM format
The Penguin Liberation Front has RPMs that for legal reasons cannot be included in the Mandrake Linux distribution.
Rex Dieter’s RPM site
Mandrake Linux RPMs
Edwin Chan's Red Hat RPMs
Owl River Company RPMs

RPM tools sites

A large number of tools exist to help you work with RPMs. The following sites list some of the main tools:
*For the vim text editor, you can download a spec.vim syntax file from
*For emacs, you can download an Emacs mode for spec files from
Cross Reference
Chapter 26, Linux Text Editors and Development Tools lists links for a number of text editors.
*The rpmlint tool mentioned in Chapter 12, Supplemental Packaging Software is available at
Table F-3 lists a number of RPM-related tools and the sites you can find more information on the tools.
Table F-3 RPM-related tools

Programming sites

Only a few sites exist to help developers with programming for RPM. I maintain some quick links to RPM sites at Most of these links are focused for programming with RPM.
The best sites for programming RPM are the online API documentation at for the RPM 4.1 release, and the site for downloading the RPM sources. There is a lot of documentation bundled with the source code.
Cross Reference
Chapter 26, Linux Text Editors and Development Tools lists links for a number of Integrated Development Environments, or IDEs, aimed at programmers.

Sites related to RPM

If you try to make cross-platform RPMs, especially RPMs that should work for multiple versions of Linux, it is very important to follow the Linux standards for things like file placement and package formats.
The Filesystem Hierarchy Standard, or FHS, covers Linux directory layout at
The Linux Standards Base is working on standardizing on the RPM package file format. See for details.