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Coding A Sample Callback

The following code shows a valid sample callback for upgrading and installing packages.
# Global file descriptor for the callback.
rpmtsCallback_fd = None

def runCallback(reason, amount, total, key, client_data):
    global rpmtsCallback_fd
    if reason == rpm.RPMCALLBACK_INST_OPEN_FILE:
        print "Opening file. ", reason, amount, total, key, client_data
        rpmtsCallback_fd =, os.O_RDONLY)
        return rpmtsCallback_fd
    elif reason == rpm.RPMCALLBACK_INST_START:
        print "Closing file. ", reason, amount, total, key, client_data
This callback assumes that the call to addInstall passed client data of the package file name. This callback ignores the client_data passed to the run method, but this is a perfect slot for passing an object. You can use this, for example, to avoid having a global variable for the file descriptor.