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The RPM bindings for Python are documented along with the C programming API. On a Red Hat Linux system, look in the file /usr/share/doc/rpm-devel-4.1/apidocs/html/group__python.html to see the start of the Python-specific documentation.
Note that much of this online documentation covers the C functions that provide the Python bindings, not the Python API itself. But, if you examine the online information on objects listed as classes, such as rpmts, you can find the Python-specific documentation.
Furthermore, if you look into the .c files that make up the Python bindings, you can find PyMethodDef structure tables. These tables provide useful glimpses into the Python API.
To learn more about programming in Python, install the python-docs package. The python-docs package has a large set of online documentation for Python, including the official Python Tutorial. With Red Hat Linux, start at /usr/share/doc/python-docs-2.2.1/html/tut/tut.html.
Cross Reference
Other tutorials are available at for the Dive Into Python tutorial for experienced programmers, and at for the Vaults of Parnassus listing of tutorials.