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Integrated Development Environments for Python Programming

As with C programs, Python scripts are made up of text files holding Python commands, so you need a text editor or some sort of development environment for creating Python programs. Any of the tools listed so far will work fine for developing Python applications. The key requirement is the ability to control tabs and indenting, since this is crucial to Python syntax.
IDLE, a graphical console and editor, supports creating Python applications. This is considered part of Python. IDLE requires the Python-tools package.
In addition, you can choose from Python-focused tools such as Bicycle Repair Man, a refactoring tool, or Boa Constructor and Black Adder, two Python IDEs.
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Boa Constructor is available from Black Adder is a commercial tool available at
The Eclipse IDE, mentioned previously, supports a number of Python add-ons. Combined with the C and C++ tools, and plug-ins for building RPMs, Eclipse brings together most everything you need for Python development on Linux.
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Eclipse is available at, and Python add-ons at,, or
This is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Python tools. You can find many more available on the Internet.
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A large listing of Python editing tools appears at