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25.12. Using PMU to monitor guest performance

In Fedora 18 and onward, vPMU (virtual PMU )was introduced as technical-preview. vPMU is based on Intel's PMU (Performance Monitoring Units) and may only be used on Intel machines. PMU allows the tracking of statistics which indicate how a guest virtual machine is functioning.
Using performance monitoring, allows developers to use the CPU's PMU counter while using the performance tool for profiling. The virtual performance monitoring unit feature allows virtual machine users to identify sources of possible performance problems in their guest virtual machines, thereby improving the ability to profile a KVM guest virtual machine.
To enable the feature, the -cpu host flag must be set.
This feature is only supported with guests running Fedora and is disabled by default. This feature only works using the Linux perf tool. Make sure the perf package is installed using the command:
# yum install perf.
See the man page on perf for more information on the perf commands.