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Revision History

Revision History
Revision 1.0-12Wednesday June 12, 2013Dayle Parker
Publish draft to Fedora docs site.
Revision 1.0-11Monday June 10, 2013Dayle Parker
Revised Para-virtualized Devices section based on SME feedback.
Verified references to other Fedora virtualization guides.
Added GNOME Boxes description to Tools.
Revision 1.0-10Thursday May 30, 2013Dayle Parker
Added virtio-rng description to Para-virtualized Devices section.
Revision 1.0-09Monday May 27, 2013Dayle Parker
Updated CPU Models section based on SME feedback.
Revision 1.0-08Thursday May 9, 2013Dayle Parker
Rearranged Migration section and included live storage migration feature description.
Revision 1.0-07Monday May 6, 2013Dayle Parker
Added xHCI host controller to Emulated system components list.
Revision 1.0-06Friday May 3, 2013Dayle Parker
Made initial general updates for Fedora 19.
Revision 1.0-05Monday October 22, 2012Dayle Parker
Branch for Fedora 18 Beta.
Revision 1.0-04Monday October 22, 2012Dayle Parker
Added virtio-scsi feature description to 4.3.2. Para-virtualized devices.
Revision 1.0-03Thursday September 6, 2012Dayle Parker
In Chapter 3: Advantages, added Flexibility point for (BZ#853826).
Revision 1.0-02Thursday August 23 2012Dayle Parker
In Tools: deleted virt-inspector2, virt-cat warning, clarified --r/w warning as per feedback.
Revision 1.0-01Tuesday August 14 2012Dayle Parker
Initial creation of book for Fedora.