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4.2. libvirt and libvirt tools

The libvirt package is a hypervisor-independent virtualization API that is able to interact with the virtualization capabilities of a range of operating systems.
The libvirt package provides:
The libvirt package is designed as a building block for higher level management tools and applications, for example, virt-manager and the virsh command-line management tools. With the exception of migration capabilities, libvirt focuses on managing single hosts and provides APIs to enumerate, monitor and use the resources available on the managed node, including CPUs, memory, storage, networking and Non-Uniform Memory Access (NUMA) partitions. The management tools can be located on separate physical machines from the host using secure protocols.
Fedora supports libvirt and included libvirt-based tools as its default method for virtualization management.
The libvirt package is available as free software under the GNU Lesser General Public License. The libvirt project aims to provide a long term stable C API to virtualization management tools, running on top of varying hypervisor technologies.
The virsh command-line tool is built on the libvirt management API and operates as an alternative to the graphical virt-manager application. The virsh command can be used in read-only mode by unprivileged users or, with root access, full administration functionality. The virsh command is ideal for scripting virtualization administration.
virt-manager is a graphical desktop tool for managing virtual machines. It allows access to graphical guest consoles and can be used to perform virtualization administration, virtual machine creation, migration, and configuration tasks. The ability to view virtual machines, host statistics, device information and performance graphs is also provided. The local hypervisor and remote hypervisors can be managed through a single interface.


For more information on virsh and virt-manager, refer to the Fedora Virtualization Deployment and Administration Guide.