Contributing to existing documentation

This section describes how to contribute to existing documentation - that is, documentation that already has been published on the website. Before you start following this procedure, make sure that you fulfill all the requirements listed in Prerequisites.

  1. Find out which repository contains the sources which you want to edit. Generally, repository names correspond with the displayed names for each book. The list of repositories for Fedora Docs is at

    We are planning to include an "edit this content" button on each page which will take you directly to the sources. However, this feature is not ready yet.

  2. Once you have located the correct repository, make a fork if you do not have it forked already:

    1. Log in to Pagure using your FAS credentials.

    2. Open the original repository which contains the sources you want to edit.

    3. In the top right corner, click Fork. Wait for the operation to finish. You may need to refresh the page as it does not always update automatically when the process is done.

    4. Clone your fork.

  3. Check out a new branch, and add your contributions.

  4. If you added any new files, then ensure they are included in a reasonable spot in the repository’s nav.adoc configuration file

  5. Build locally and make sure everything looks the way you expect. See Building a local preview for instructions.

  6. Once you finish, commit your changes and push them to your fork.

  7. Use pagure to make a pull request from your fork to the main repository’s master branch.

  8. Someone will see your pull request and either merge it, or provide feedback if there is something you should change. Work with the people commenting to make sure your contributions are up to standards.

    If nobody reacts to your pull request in several days, try bringing it up on one of the weekly meetings, the IRC channel (#fedora-docs on FreeNode), or the mailing list.

  9. Your changes will appear online sometime after the pull request is merged. The site is being updated daily. If your changes do not appear online within 60 hours of your PR being merged, ping asamalik (Adam Šamalík) on the IRC channel and ask him about it.