Server Community, Policies, and Working Methods

Creation Date: 2021-03-09 | Last update: 2021-03-26 | Related Fedora Version(s): 34

First Collection of Ideas! Please comment on server mailing list

Intended content: Basic information on how work on Server is organized. In a first version probably just the most important content of the Working Group and the SIG and a collection of annotated links to the most important information sources (WG wiki, SIG wiki, Pagure, Fedora calendar, anything else?)

(We should make the working group more "tangible" and transparent, not just refer to an (anonymous) mailing list.)

1  SIG / Link to SIG Wiki
    1.1  Members of SIG
2  WG / Link to WG Wiki
    2.1  Members of WG incl. Tasks / area of commitment
        2.1.1  Governance Charter
3  Product Requirements Document
4  Various other suitable contents of the Fedora Server Wiki pages

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