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IBus 1.5.23

  • IBus provides the fixed allowlist of XKB engines in /usr/share/ibus/component/simple.xml and ibus-setup utility can show the XKB engines indicated in only that file in non-GNOME desktops. (gnome-control-center shows XKB list from gnome-desktop3 in GNOME desktop instead.) IBus 1.5.23 builds the simple.xml with a denylist internally and the file includes most of XKB engines likes 'gb'.

  • IBus 1.5.23 will show glyphs from the input method’s language in non-GNOME. E.g. U+76F4 ("直") has different glyphs in Japanese and Chinese and the preivous IBus shows the glyph with the desktop' language instead of the input method’s one.