Fedora Social Media Contribution Model

Learn more about the Fedora Marketing Team social media model and discover how you can contribute.

The Fedora Marketing Team operates a three-tiered model for social media contributions:

Each role focuses on different types of contributions, such as posting content, introducing new ideas for our social media, and sharing updates about other parts of the Fedora Project to keep our users informed. Members of each role have different access levels to our social media accounts. For instance, Social Media Managers have higher level access to our social media account than those in the other roles. Read on for details of each role, types of contributions made within them and how you can get involved.

Social Media Manager

Social Media Managers are granted direct access to our social media accounts and are categorized into two specific functions: Account Lead and Account Contributor. These functions have varying levels of contribution and responsibility.

Account Lead

An Account Lead acts as a bridge, independently cross-posting content from one Fedora account to another. This involves following Fedora on other platforms, staying up-to-date on their activities, and copying content to your assigned account. You do not need to source or create new content to share; your focus is on sharing existing content.

The Account Lead role has a more advanced and involved version known as the Curator. Curators take full ownership of a social media account, independently sourcing content, crafting posts, and actively engaging with the Fedora and Linux communities. This demands a higher level of responsibility, proactive engagement, and a deep understanding of Fedora, its "products," stakeholders, and community dynamics.

Account Contributor

As an Account Contributor, your main responsibility is to post social media content provided by others. For instance, you will get a ping by someone with what to post. You do not need to come up with content on your own, but focus on executing the posting requests from others. A key aspect of this role is being readily available to receive content submissions from others.

Ways to Contribute

  • Social media management

  • Engaging with our users on social media

  • Posting content on our social media accounts

  • Checking and responding to comments, tags, and direct messages

  • Working with individuals in the other roles to schedule and post content

Our Social Media Management Team

Social account Social Media Manager











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Figure 1. social media contribution model

Content Contributor

Content Contributors actively contribute content ideas for social media posts. They assist with issues on GitLab that the marketing team needs help with. They do not have direct access to our social media accounts but collaborate with social media managers to share content. They help in managing social media campaigns, promoting Fedora’s initiatives and events. These contributors curate content for use by the Social Media Managers.

Ways to Contribute

  • Come up with interesting ideas to post about. Write a post on that topic, then follow the submission process below. Make sure the content is engaging and aligns with Fedora’s messaging and voice.

  • Work with the Marketing Team to coordinate and manage social media campaigns.

  • Curate content for use by the Lead.

Follow the steps below to submit your content idea to our Social Media Managers.

How to submit your post to the Social Media Managers

  • Open an issue on GitLab for your idea/content in the Fedora Marketing Planning repo.

  • Choose social-media-template and follow the prompt to submit your idea.

  • A Social Media Manager will review your submission, provide feedback, and approve it for posting.

Community Contributor

Community Contributors are people whose primary role at Fedora is not marketing, communications, or promotion. They come to the Marketing Team for assistance on promoting their content on social media, such as: social media coverage for specific events, articles, or announcements.

Ways to Contribute

  • Reach out to the Marketing Team with topics, ideas, or requests for social media coverage. The easiest way is to join our Matrix room and simply mention what assistance you need. Usually we can accommodate these requests without having to create a ticket on GitLab. However, for larger or more complex request, you can create a ticket on GitLab. But before then, the team prefers that you ask for help first, and if the request is large, the team will create a ticket if necessary.

  • Inform the marketing team about upcoming events where Fedora will have a presence, requesting promotional coverage.


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