Fedora Project Status

This dashboard tracks the high-level status of Fedora Objectives, Fedora Editions, and Fedora Council representatives. This is not a technical status dashboard.

Council Representatives

Green Diversity & Inclusion

Point of Contact: Jona Azizaj (jonatoni) More information Update date: 2019-08-20

  • During Flock we brainstormed how we can make a bigger impact with limited volunteer time;

  • We collected feedback from the community (driving team planning with data) with the coffee chats during Flock, and we will try to work on the feedback we collected;

  • We connected with the L10n team to identify and translate important content in Fedora and encourage more cross-team discussion;

  • We are planning to organize more events for underrepresented groups in Fedora - for example, LGBT and use event resources (and experience) we have from FWD as a template;

  • We did the Event Guidelines review to have actionable guidelines for event organizers that can be applied to Fedora related events and conferences like Flock;

  • Planning to have elections for the next D&I Representative - the same cycle we have for other teams like FESCo/Mindshare and Council;

  • Increase visibility of the Fedora Happiness Packets to appreciate more the people we have in our community;

  • More focus on how to make the community more inclusive.

Green Engineering

Point of Contact: psabata More information Update date: 2019-08-19

  • No major issues at the moment.

  • Fedora 31 schedule is on track.

  • F32 is dropping i686 repositories.

  • A couple of groups met at Flock for brainstorming, action items pending.

Green Mindshare

Point of Contact: sumantrom More information Update date:

  • Some status information


Green Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery

Point of Contact: dperpeet More information Update date:

  • Some status information

Green Internet of Things

Point of Contact: pbrobinson More information Update date:

  • Some status information

Green Minimization

Point of Contact: Adam Šamalík (asamalik) More information Update date: 2019-09-06

  • Status: Discovery phase

  • Currently in progress:

  • Communications:

    • Meeting every Wednesday 15:00 GMT in #fedora-meeting-1

    • Tickets and discussion in the Minimization tracker

    • All status reports (including this summary) listed on the new Status page

Green Modularity

Point of Contact: langdon More information Update date:

  • Some status information


Green Fedora CoreOS

Point of Contact: Benjamin Gilbert (bgilbert) More information Update date: 2019-08-24

Yellow Fedora Server

Point of Contact: Stephen Gallagher (sgallagh) More information Update date: 2019-08-19

  • Recent changes: removed a lot of cruft on the install DVD, resulting in a 1 GiB reduction in download size.

  • Fedora Server is on life-support. It continues to build and be released, however there is no clear vision for its future.

  • At the "State of Fedora Server" session at Flock 2019, it was generally agreed that the project needs to be restarted, with an eye on finding goals that encourage more participation.

Green Fedora Silverblue

Point of Contact: tpopela More information Update date: 2019-07-26

  • Some status information

Green Fedora Workstation

Point of Contact: tpopela More information Update date:

  • Some status information