Setting a key shortcut to run an application in GNOME

If you frequently use a certain application, you can set a keyboard shortcut to quickly launch that application on GNOME.

This example shows how to set a key shortcut to launch the terminal.

To set a key shortcut to run an application:

  1. Navigate to menu:Settings[Keyboard] to open the Keyboard Shortcuts list.

  2. Click + at the bottom of the list to create a new shortcut.

  3. Enter the following details in the Add Custom Shortcut window:

    • Add a Name for your shortcut, for example, Terminal.

    • Enter the command that launches the application. For example, gnome-terminal.

  4. Click Set Shortcut to open the Set Custom Shortcut window.

  5. Type a keyboard shortcut, for example Ctrl-Alt-T.

  6. Click Add.

Your shortcut appears under Custom Shortcuts and is ready to use.

custom shortcut

To edit or remove your shortcut, click the shortcut to open its details. :!context: