Communicating and Meeting

Peter Boy, Stephen Daley

Work in Progress Status: Migrating from WIKI

The Fedora Server Edition Working Group uses various resources


  • The Server working group meets twice-monthly every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 17:00 UTC in #fedora-meeting on Please, check your local time using e.g. date -d '2021-11-17 17:00UTC'

  • Each meeting is announced in the Fedora Project Calendar:

  • The agenda is announced on the server mailing list and available from the ticket system at

  • If there is no agenda, the meeting will be cancelled and the organisator /chair will send out a cancellation notice to the mailing list.

  • During meetings, silence indicates consent. If people disagree, then that will bring it to a vote.

  • In the case where a voting member can not make a meeting where a vote is scheduled to happen, they can either pre-vote via the mailing list or abstain-by-default.

  • After meetings, meeting minutes will be sent to the server mailing list.