This section needs some love. Mostly info about how build groups work in MBS, how to do local builds, etc.

All packages in a module are built as a unit. That’s why we talk about module builds instead of individual package builds.

Submitting a build

Builds are managed by fedpkg. To submit a build, run the following command from a local copy of your module’s dist-git repository:

$ fedpkg module-build

Some facts about modules and other packages

These are some facts about how modules interact with other modules both during the build, and during installation.


During installation, modules can:

  • use packages from the base as dependencies

  • use other module streams as dependencies

  • override/replace other packages in base


  • can use packages from the base as build dependencies

  • can use other module streams as build dependencies

  • can expand across multiple modules or bases (one source produces several binaries, Stream Expansion)