Installing on generic infrastructure

Not every deployment platform is explicitly covered by this project. However, the aim of this project is to support deployment anywhere that runs Linux as a general rule.

Using Anaconda for generic installations

Many virtualized environments can be configured to boot via an ISO (or PXE); then the Installing on bare metal path can be used to install.

Using bootc-image-builder and raw files

The bootc-image-builder tool can generate e.g. raw disk images from the container image, which can often be transformed via additional tooling into a format suitable for a specific virtualization platform.

For more, see qemu and libvirt.

Using bootc install to-existing-root

The bootc install to-existing-root path supports installing "inside" an existing running Linux system, effectively replacing its contents with the container image. This allows provisioning systems using existing disk images already uploaded and managed as part of the virtualization platform.