ELN Branching Events

Fedora Branching

Fedora Branching happens every 6 months, when Fedora Rawhide branches for the next release. Example: When Fedora Rawhide is branched to F35 and fedora-release is set to f36.

Trigger for ELN Pipeline

The eln build trigger needs to be updated to the latest version that is in fedora-release. Using our original example. We would change this to f36.

ELN fedora release and repo

Check fedora-release

After Fedora branching has happened, and fedora-release has been updated and built for the new version, check the fedora-release rpm spec file. Verify that rhel_dist_version is set to the correct version.

The fedora-release check is especially important if this is the fedora branching that corresponds to a RHEL version change.

Build fedora-release first

==== Build fedora-repos after fedora-release is in buildroot ====

``` koji tag-build eln fedora-repos-35-0.2 koji wait-repo eln-build --build fedora-repos-35-0.2 # build fedora-repos for ELN # Example: fedpkg build --skip-nvr-check --target eln koji wait-repo eln-build --build fedora-repos-35-0.2.eln110 koji untag-build eln fedora-repos-35-0.2 ```

== RHEL Branching ==

RHEL Branching happens every 3 years, when RHEL branches for the next release. Example: When RHEL is branched to RHEL 10.

=== Change rpm.macro.rhel ===

rpm.macro.rhel needs to be updated to be the next RHEL release.

You can see the current setting on the https://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/taginfo?tagID=22493[eln-build koji page].