Removing modules

In general, to remove a module installed on your system, use the following command:

$ sudo dnf module remove MODULE:STREAM/PROFILE


There is a situation when a specific package has been installed first, and then a module has been installed after that. Example:

$ sudo dnf install ruby
$ sudo dnf module install ruby:2.6/default

In this case, running the dnf module remove command would not remove the ruby package, as DNF remembers that package has been explicitly installed.

To make the ruby package uninstalled with the dnf module remove command, run the following:

$ sudo dnf mark group ruby
$ sudo dnf module remove ruby:2.6/default

That is because DNF remembers a reason why a package has been installed. There are three, sorted from the strongest:

  • user

  • group

  • dependency

Because modules use the group reason, which is weker than user used by the dnf install command, the package stays on the system after running the dnf module remove command. "Downgrading" it to group, however, makes the dnf module remove remove it as well.