Program Management Team

The Program Management Team serves two functions:

  1. To be a program management resource for other Fedora teams

  2. To backup certain key functions of the Fedora Program Manager (FPgM) when they are out of the office or otherwise unavailable

Contacting the team

If you wish to request help from the Program Management Team, file an issue in the pgm_team repo. To contact the team for other matters, we can be reached on:


Any Fedora contributor is welcome to join the team with the approval of the Fedora Program Manager (FPgM). There is no maximum number of team members. As volunteers, members are free to pause or leave the team at any time.

The FPgM will provide training and guidance to team members who do not have related experience.

Organizational structure

The FPgM leads the team. The team falls directly under the FPgM instead of via Mindshare or FESCo because it is an extension of the FPgM’s role. Conflicts can be escalated to the Fedora Council or to the FPgM’s manager as appropriate.


Program management resource for other teams

Any Fedora team can request help from the program management team. Help is not limited to software development efforts. Priority will be given to Objectives and Editions.

The program management team will help with tasks like:

  • Coordination with other Fedora teams (e.g. Websites, design)

  • Consulting on team process development and improvement

  • Tracking development plans against the Fedora schedule

  • Issue triage and management

  • Shepherding Change proposals and similar requests

When possible, a single member of the program management team will embed with the requesting team to provide continuity.

FPgM backup

A secondary duty of the program management team is to provide backup for functions performed by the FPgM when the FPgM is unavailable. These duties may include:

  • Wrangling Change proposals

  • Managing the Spins keepalive process

  • Announcements of development milestone deadlines

  • Running FPgM office hours

  • Updating program management documentation

  • Running Go/No-Go meetings

  • Mass Bugzilla actions (e.g. branching, EOL warnings)

For key tasks (e.g. Go/No-Go meetings), the FPgM will generally be available. However, other team members may be asked to fill in when the FPgM’s absence is unavoidable.

These duties explicitly do not include anything:

  • Requiring access to Red Hat internal resources

  • Relating to the Legal Liaison role, as that role is coincidentally held by the current FPgM, but not a part of the FPgM’s duties

  • Involving the FPgM’s role as a Fedora Council member

  • Related to Fedora elections, as the FCAIC provides backup to those duties