Fedora Magazine Editorial Workflow

fedora magazine workflow

Content on the Fedora Magazine is created using a five-step workflow:

  1. Article Proposal by Anyone

  2. Clarification by Editors

  3. Writing by a Writer

  4. Review by Editors

  5. Edit & Image by Editors

An initial proposal lands in the idea state. After some clarification, a specific article goes through five states. Starting as an idea, it progresses to in progress, review, to edit, and finally ending up being scheduled. Each step in the workflow has its own page in this documentation that provides guidance.


Article proposals in are initiated and discussed under the Team Workflows section of the Fedora Magazine Discourse forum. Everyone is welcome to submit one!

Articles in all other states are represented as cards in the Kanban section of the Fedora Magazine Pagure. Each state has its own column on the board with the appropriate title.

Join our team either as a writer or as an editor and help us make wonderful content read by tens of thousands of readers every week!