Process fedora-scm-requests tickets


When a packager wants a new package added to Fedora or a new dist-git branch blessed, they need to go through the new package process and, once their package review is approved, they use the fedrepo-req cli tool to file a ticket in the fedora-scm-requests queue.

Periodically, (daily?) release engineering will need to review and process this queue using the fedrepo-req-admin tool.


A release engineering will need to have several values set locally as well as sufficient permissions in a number of server-side systems.

  1. A token. See the fedrepo-req README for instructions on where to get this.

  2. token generated by pagure-admin. Ask @pingou how to get one. If doing this yourself, go to pkgs01 and run PAGURE_CONFIG=/etc/pagure/pagure.cfg pagure-admin admin-token create -h for more info.

  3. pdc token. See the PDC SOP for getting one of these.


  1. Run fedrepo-req-admin list to list all open requests.

  2. Run fedrepo-req-admin process N to process a particular ticket.

  3. Run fedrepo-req-admin processall to iterate over all the tickets.