Fedora Annual Contributor Survey Overview


In 2021, the Fedora Council ran the first Fedora Annual Contributor Survey. We intend to improve and iterate year over year to help achieve the following goals:

  • To gain an understanding of the usage patterns in various Fedora flavours and tooling

  • To analyze trends based on particular tools, preferred media platforms, or role

  • To understand the correlation between satisfaction of respondents and involvement in Fedora

  • To analyze the accessibility of documentation, engagement, and resources

  • To gain insight on awareness and visibility of teams and activities happening across Fedora


The audience for this survey is Fedora contributors. This is inclusive of every Fedora contributor, whatever the scope of interest or activity.

What are we doing with the results?

  • Publish open, anonymous datasets for contributors to analyze.

  • Review and analysis by the Survey team.

  • Review and analysis by the Fedora Council.

  • Review and analysis by the Mindshare Committee.

Survey maintenance

Maintenance for a survey includes continuous activities, which can be performed anytime through the entire year.

  • Analysis of the data

  • Edits/changes/additions requests to the content of the survey

Who has access to the LimeSurvey account?

The Fedora Community Architect and the LimeSurvey Wrangler, currently Vipul Siddharth. Access to this account is limited due to data sensitivity.

How do I get involved?

  • Suggest new questions or edits to current questions with a Fedora Council ticket.

  • Analyze data and publish results to the Community Blog and make sure to let the Fedora Council know.

  • Provide feedback and share ideas about the survey with the Fedora Council via #council tag on Fedora Discussion.