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This dashboard tracks the high-level status of Fedora Objectives, Fedora Editions, and Fedora Council representatives. This is not a technical status dashboard.

Guidance for status report writers is available.

Council Representatives

Green Diversity & Inclusion
Point of contact

council:diversity-advisor.adoc (jflory7/jwf)

More information

See Diversity & Inclusion documentation.

Last updated

Fri Nov 13 2020

Yellow Black Lives Matter update

See fedora-diversity#135. Discussed previously at Council face-to-face sessions. Diversity Advisor has a clear path forward for this issue.

Green Fedora Women’s Day 2020

We did it! Fedora Women’s Day 2020 took place October 16-18, 2020. A few pending action items remain to officially close out FWD this year:

Green Documentation improvements

The D&I Team is focused on improving our documentation and making it more useful for event organizers.

Red Team policy and governance

The various roles performed in the D&I Team are not documented, e.g. Team Lead and Council Diversity Advisor. Justin and Marie met in November 2020 to look at next steps on this area. Justin will propose a first draft of the Diversity Advisor Role Handbook page by the end of 2020.

Green Engineering

Point of Contact: David Cantrell (dcantrell) More information Update date: 2019-08-19

  • No major issues at the moment.

  • Fedora 31 schedule is on track.

  • F32 is dropping i686 repositories.

  • A couple of groups met at Flock for brainstorming, action items pending.

Green Mindshare

Point of Contact: Eduard Lucena (x3mboy) More information Update date: 2019-09-25

  • 12 event request filed for events which are approved some of which are in Dec 2019 and some of which happened recently. we haven’t rejected any event request until now.

  • 3 just swag request filed and approved (some shipped)

  • Call for Fedora 31 Release party Blog is up and live

  • We are trying to come up with a single mentored project rather than two separte GSoC and Outreachy. Idea is to unite the two and form one single structure which will enable potential mentors to submit their projects throughout the year and leave room for small PR open for the community to contribute making us a project rich org with a handful of open project year round.

  • GCI is going to see the same change, where the tasks will be written by potential mentors and we will filter the tasks and mentors which finally will go in GCI.

  • Mindshare is driving a discussion with Fedora Join how to tie contributors to their specific interest areas after they join Fedora.

  • We finished GSoC and Outreachy successfully.


Green Internet of Things

Point of Contact: pbrobinson More information Update date: 2020-10-08

  • Website moved to getfedora

  • PARSEC support added

  • Just about ready for first official release as an Edition

Green Minimization

Point of Contact: Adam Šamalík (asamalik) More information

Update date: 2019-10-30


Green Fedora CoreOS

Point of Contact: Dusty Mabe (dustymabe) More information Update date: 2021-01-07

Yellow Fedora Server

Point of Contact: Stephen Gallagher (sgallagh) More information Update date: 2019-08-19

  • Recent changes: removed a lot of cruft on the install DVD, resulting in a 1 GiB reduction in download size.

  • Fedora Server is on life-support. It continues to build and be released, however there is no clear vision for its future.

  • At the "State of Fedora Server" session at Flock 2019, it was generally agreed that the project needs to be restarted, with an eye on finding goals that encourage more participation.

Yellow Fedora Silverblue

Point of Contact: tpopela More information Kanban Board Update date: 2019-11-04

  • Fedora Flatpak preinstallation

    • We didn’t manage to get the necessary changes into F31 before the release. We are exploring the possibility to respin the F31 Silverblue ISO.

    • In the meantime we updated the F31 Flatpak runtime, updated the GNOME Flatpak’ed applications to their GNOME 3.34 version and built them against the F31 runtime.

  • Finishing the Silverblue 32 planning

Yellow Fedora Workstation

Point of Contact

Chris Murphy (chrismurphy/cmurf)

More information

Fedora Wiki: Workstation

Update date


Fedora Workstation working group are working effectively, and have the following concerns