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Default To Noto Fonts

The default fonts has been updated to the Google Noto fonts which is higher quality and support variable fonts for most scripts, making them more compact. This change also provides consistent text rendering across more languages by replacing DejaVu with Noto as the general system default set of fonts.

The font packages will be installed/updated through langpacks as well as particular script specific fonts and extra variants, such as serif and monospaced fonts.

Hunspell dictionary dir change

In most of Linux distributions the standard Hunspell dictionary path is /usr/share/hunspell but in Fedora we were still having /usr/share/myspell. This change now installed all hunspell dictionary files into /usr/share/hunspell directory path instead of /usr/share/myspell path. The hunspell-filesystem package has been made to provide both paths installed on the system.

All applications in Fedora using old directory path /usr/share/myspell has been changed to use new directory path /usr/share/hunspell so that spell checking functionality in them will continue to work as it worked before with old dictionary path.

Malayalam default fonts update

The Malayalam language default fonts have been updated and also renamed to new upstream source, which brought improved text shaping, better glyphs for readability, Unicode 13 support, Appstream data amongst other improvements. Till Fedora 35, Meera (smc-meera-fonts) and Rachana (smc-rachana-fonts) fonts were default sans-serif and serif fonts for Malayalam script/language. From Fedora 36, these are obsoleted by Meera New (rit-meera-new-fonts) and RIT Rachana (rit-rachana-fonts) respectively.

New default input method for Hongkong Chinese

The default input method for Hongkong Chinese was changed from ibus-cangjie to cangjie5 from the ibus-table-chinese-cangjie package. When installing a new system in zh_HK locale the ibus-table-chinese-cangjie package is installed and when gnome-initial setup offers cangjie5 from ibus-table as the default input method.