Managing module defaults in Fedora

Default streams are NOT allowed in Fedora right now according to policy. Please check the Policy section for more information.

Setting or changing a default stream or a default installation profile of a module constitutes a major behavior change as defined in the Fedora Updates Policy. The following rules apply:

  1. Module stream defaults MUST be only changed in an upcoming Fedora release

  2. Changes of stream defaults should be communicated by a Fedora Change based on the change’s significance and its maintainer’s best judgement. When in doubt, file a Change.

  3. Changes of the default stream of a module are not permitted within a released Fedora without the approval of FESCo.

  4. Introducing a new default stream not replacing any existing default stream or a traditional package is not considered a change. That means it can be done.

Setting or changing a default

Submit an issue to the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee in This ticket must provide the following information:

  • The list of SRPM components in the module

  • Whether the contents of this module will obsolete and replace non-modular RPMs.

  • Which releases of Fedora will this new default apply to.

When requesting a change of default stream, strongly consider submitting a Fedora Change. This will help ensure that the change is communicated to the rest of the Fedora community.

To check the current defaults, have a look at the fedora module defaults repository.

Please note that if the module stream masks part of the Traditional RPM repos (e.g it replaces an existing RPM or it introduces a non-trivial set of conflicts) it may not be made a default stream without the express permission of FESCo. Release Engineering will be responsible for escalating any PR that is questionable on this point to FESCo for a final decision.