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Server Tampilan Wayland

Wayland in Fedora

Wayland is enabled by default in the GNOME Desktop. You can choose to run GNOME in X11 by choosing the Gnome on xorg option in the session chooser on the login screen. Currently KDE still uses X11 and although there is a plasma-wayland session available, it is not considered stable or bugfree at this time.

Menentukan apakah Anda sedang memakai Wayland

Satu cara untuk menentukan apakah Anda sedang menjalankan dalam Wayland, adalah dengan memeriksa nilai dari variabel $WAYLAND_DISPLAY. Untuk melakukan ini ketikkan:


If you are not running under Wayland the variable will not contain any values. You can also use loginctl to show you what tpe of session is running:

$ loginctl show-session <NOMOR_SESI_ANDA> -p Type

Untuk menentukan nomor sesi Anda, sekadar mengetik loginctl mestinya memberikan rincian sesi Anda.

There is also a legacy X11 server provided with Wayland for compatibility purposes. To determine what applications are running in this mode, you can run the following command:

$ xlsclients

There is also the lg (looking glass) tool in GNOME that will allow you to determine what display server a window is using. To do this, you run the application by typing lg in the run dialog or at the command line, select “Windows” in the upper right corner of the tool, and click on the application name (or open window) you want to know about. If the window is running in wayland it will say “MetaWindowWayland” and if it is running in X11 it will say “MetaWindowX11”.

Sumber Daya Tambahan

Untuk mencari tahu lebih banyak tentang Wayland, silakah lihat situs web berikut:

Bila Anda perlu menentukan apakah suatu masalah yang sedang Anda alami terkait dengan wayland, lihat wiki Fedora pada taut di bawah: