Riwayat Revisi

Note that revision numbers relate to the edition of this manual, not to version numbers of Fedora.


Tue Oct 30 2018, Petr Bokoč (pbokoc@redhat.com)

  • Fedora 29 Final release

  • All external links are now converted to HTTPS where applicable (issue 3)

  • Removed a mention of a no longer available rescue image (issue 4)

  • New Kickstart commands and options: url, network --bindto=, and LUKS-related options for autopart, part, logvol, and raid.

  • The authconfig Kickstart command is now deprecated and replaced by authselect (issue 6)

  • New boot options: inst.stag2.all=, inst.ks.all=, inst.xtimeout=, inst.decorated=

  • Updated the Fedora Media Writer chapter (issue 7)

  • Updated image verification instructions for Mac (issue 15)

  • Various fixes related to the new publishing system


Mon Jun 20 2016, Clayton Spicer (cspicer@redhat.com)

  • Fedora 24 Final release

  • Added boot option inst.nosave=

  • Typo fixes


Mon Nov 02 2015, Petr Bokoč (pbokoc@redhat.com)

  • Fedora 23 Final release

  • Kickstart commands and boot options updated for F23

  • Many typo fixes


Mon May 25 2015, Petr Bokoč (pbokoc@redhat.cogm)

  • Fedora 22 Final release

  • References to Yum replaced with DNF (the new default package manager)

  • Updates in boot options: inst.dnf replaced with inst.nodnf, added inst.kdump_addon=

  • Updates in Kickstart: %anaconda, %addon, sshkey, pwpolicy

  • Added the Kdump screen to the GUI docs


Sun Dec 21 2014, Zach Oglesby (zach@oglesby.co)

  • Fixed Windows checksum steps, BZ#1175759


Mon Dec 15 2014, Petr Bokoč (pbokoc@redhat.com)

  • Fixes in Boot Options: inst.headless is deprecated, inst.askmethod moved from removed to Installation Source

  • Parts of the network boot setup chapter have been updated with correct URLs

  • Updates in Recommended Partitioning Scheme and Advice on Partitions in the Manual Partitioning section of the installation chapter


Mon Dec 8 2014, Petr Bokoč (pbokoc@redhat.com)

  • Publishing for Fedora 21


Mon Dec 8 2014, Pete Travis (immanetize@fedoraproject.org)

  • added info on media types


Tue Dec 17 2013, Petr Bokoč (pbokoc@redhat.com)

  • Publishing for Fedora 20