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F.5. Shutting Down

Fedora を停止するには、root として /sbin/shutdown コマンドを発行します。shutdown man ページがオプションの完全なリストを 示しますが、最も一般的な二つを以下に示します:
/sbin/shutdown -h now
/sbin/shutdown -r now
After shutting everything down, the -h option halts the machine, and the -r option reboots.
PAM console users can use the reboot and halt commands to shut down the system while in runlevels 1 through 5. For more information about PAM console users, refer to the Fedora Deployment Guide.
If the computer does not power itself down, be careful not to turn off the computer until a message appears indicating that the system is halted.
Failure to wait for this message can mean that not all the hard drive partitions are unmounted, which can lead to file system corruption.