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15.7. Post-installation Script

You have the option of adding commands to run on the system once the installation is complete. This section must be placed towards the end of the kickstart file, after the kickstart commands described in 「Kickstart Options」, and must start with the %post command. If your kickstart file also includes a %pre section, the order of the %pre and %post sections does not matter.
This section is useful for functions such as installing additional software and configuring an additional nameserver.


If you configured the network with static IP information, including a nameserver, you can access the network and resolve IP addresses in the %post section. If you configured the network for DHCP, the /etc/resolv.conf file has not been completed when the installation executes the %post section. You can access the network, but you can not resolve IP addresses. Thus, if you are using DHCP, you must specify IP addresses in the %post section.


The post-install script is run in a chroot environment; therefore, performing tasks such as copying scripts or RPMs from the installation media do not work.
Allows you to specify commands that you would like to run outside of the chroot environment.
The following example copies the file /etc/resolv.conf to the file system that was just installed.
%post --nochroot 
cp /etc/resolv.conf /mnt/sysimage/etc/resolv.conf
--interpreter /usr/bin/python
Allows you to specify a different scripting language, such as Python. Replace /usr/bin/python with the scripting language of your choice.
--log /path/to/logfile
インストール後スクリプトの出力をログします。ログファイルのパスは、ユーザーが --nochroot オプションを使用するかどうかを考慮に入れる必要が あることに注意して下さい。例えば、--nochroot 無しでは:
%post --log=/root/ks-post.log
--nochroot を付けて:
%post --nochroot --log=/mnt/sysimage/root/ks-post.log

15.7.1. Example

例15.1 Run a script named runme from an NFS share:
mkdir /mnt/temp 
mount -o nolock /mnt/temp 
openvt -s -w -- /mnt/temp/runme 
umount /mnt/temp
NFS file locking is not supported while in kickstart mode, therefore -o nolock is required when mounting an NFS mount.