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9.6. Time Zone Configuration

システムクロックの精度を維持するために NTP (Network Time Protocol) を使用する予定であっても タイムゾーンを指定します。
From here there are two ways for you to select your time zone:
Configuring the Time Zone
Time zone configuration screen.
図9.30 Configuring the Time Zone

If Fedora is the only operating system on your computer, select System clock uses UTC. The system clock is a piece of hardware on your computer system. Fedora uses the timezone setting to determine the offset between the local time and UTC on the system clock. This behavior is standard for systems that use UNIX, Linux, and similar operating systems.

Windows とシステムクロック

Do not enable the System clock uses UTC option if your machine also runs Microsoft Windows. Microsoft operating systems change the BIOS clock to match local time rather than UTC. This may cause unexpected behavior under Fedora.


To change your time zone configuration after you have completed the installation, use the Time and Date Properties Tool.
Type the system-config-date command in a shell prompt to launch the Time and Date Properties Tool. If you are not root, it prompts you for the root password to continue.
時刻と日付のプロパティツール(Time and Date Properties Tool)をテキストベースのアプリケーションとして実行するには、コマンド timeconfig を 使用します。