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11.6. メンテナンスブートモードの使用

11.6.1. メモリー (RAM) テストモードのロード

Faults in memory modules may cause your system to freeze or crash unpredictably. In some cases, memory faults may only cause errors with particular combinations of software. For this reason, you should test the memory of a computer before you install Fedora for the first time, even if it has previously run other operating systems.
Fedora includes the Memtest86+ memory testing application. To boot your computer in memory testing mode, choose Memory test at the boot menu. The first test starts immediately. By default, Memtest86+ carries out a total of ten tests.
In most cases, a single successful pass with Memtest86+ is sufficient to verify that your RAM is in good condition. In some rare circumstances, however, errors that went undetected on the first pass might appear on subsequent passes. To perform a thorough test of the RAM on an important system, leave Memtest86+ running overnight or for a few days.
Memtest86+ の使い方の詳細は、 にある Memtest86+ FAQ を参照してください。
テストを中止して、コンピューターを再起動するには、いつでも Esc を押します。