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2.5.5. Powertop2tuned

The powertop2tuned utility is a tool that allows you to create custom tuned profiles from the PowerTOP suggestions. For details about PowerTOP refer to 「PowerTOP」).
To install the powertop2tuned application, run, as root, the following command:
yum install tuned-utils
To create a custom profile, run , as root, the following command:
powertop2tuned new_profile_name
By default it creates the profile in the /etc/tuned directory and it bases it on the currently selected tuned profile. For safety reasons all PowerTOP tunings are initially disabled in the new profile. To enable them uncomment the tunings of your interest in the /etc/tuned/profile/tuned.conf. You can use the --enable or -e option that will generate the new profile with most of the tunings suggested by PowerTOP enabled. Some dangerous tunings like the USB autosuspend will still be disabled. If you really need them you will have to uncomment them manually. By defautl, the new profile is not activated. To activate it run the following command:
tuned-adm profile new_profile_name
For a complete list of powertop2tuned options, type in the following command:
powertop2tuned --help