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Fedora Modularity

Fedora Modularity is attempting to disconnect the lifecycles of applications from each other and also from that of the operating system, while still maintaining the ease of use of a typical Linux distribution. More information about this work is available in the Fedora Modularity documentation.

Modular Server Preview

Fedora 26 contains a "preview" release of a modular Fedora Server Edition.

Not for production use
=== The Fedora 26 Modular Server Preview is a working version of the Server Edition but it is still a prototype and so it should not be used in a production environment. ===

The purpose of this preview release is to request feedback from the user community. The Modularity Working Group would like to hear from anyone experimenting with the preview about how it does or does not meet their expectations. Contact details for the Modularity Working Group are on the Fedora Modularity home page.