Relative paths

JAR artifacts are installed in one of standard directory trees. Usually this is either %{_javadir} (/usr/share/java) or %{_jnidir} (/usr/lib/java).

The simplest way of identifying artifacts is using their relative path from one of standard locations. All artifact can be identified this way because each artifacts has a unique file name. Each path identifying artifact will be called artifact path in this document.

To keep artifact paths simpler and more readable, extension can be omitted if it is equal to jar. For non-JAR artifacts extension cannot be omitted and must be retained.

Additionally, if artifact path points to a directory then it represents all artifacts contained in this directory. This allows a whole set of related artifacts to be referenced easily by specifying directory name containing all of them.

If the same artifact path has valid expansions in two different root directories then it is unspecified which artifacts will be located.