Mentored Project

Fedora Project participates in multiple mentored project programs and is actively looking for new mentors, projects and programs that fit the criteria and can help the project/community grow.

Two main programs that the Fedora Project has been a part of for a long time are

Want to propose a project?

Please open an issue on issues (please use issue template) to propose a project. Program admins and the Mindshare Committee will discuss the project to see if it fits the program. We may ask to modify certain parts or project/proposal if we think that will be better suited for project or program. Communication will happen on the issue opened.

Want to mentor a project/program?

There are 2 kind of mentors.

  • Who guide mentees and work with them on the project. To mentor a project, you can propose the project along with the original poster of issue, or discuss it with them about your interest to mentor.

  • General Mentor who help facilitate the programs. They are responsible for ensuring proper communication with interns, project update blogs, ensuring on-time feedback/evaluation submission. To be a general mentor, please open an issue on -projects issues.

Want to be an intern with Fedora Project

Student application process varies from project to project. Please refer to application page of the programs to know more about it.

Programs Selection Process

We are looking for outreach projects that can help the Fedora Project establish a more inclusive, diverse and easy to get into community. Though just coming up with a program is easy, we want to make sure that they are sustained and are making impact on people participating. If you have an idea and you are ready to invest some time, please send an email to the link: [mindshare mentored project representative] to discuss more.

Interns onboarding process

Note: This process is to enable summer coding participants to communicate with the community | With Mindshare, I mean Mindshare: Mentored project representative hereafter

  • Within two weeks of announcing accepted students (by Google Summer of Code and Outreachy committee), Mindshare coordinates with mentors, students, and general mentors to publish intern introduction blog posts on the community blog for the respective programs.

  • Mentors ensure that Students are posting a post every 2-3 weeks once the coding period starts. (Can we use fedocal to set reminder and send an email to the summer-coding/outreachy list? - needs discussion)

    The post should ideally contain

    • Community Interaction

    • Project updates/roadmaps

    • Challenges/success

    • Other things they want to share

  • Summer coding showcase session in Flock/One of the monthly Council calls

  • Post coding period, Mindshare to publish a magazine post with:

    • Outcomes of the GSoC/Outreachy projects

    • Fedora participation in outreach programs

    • Reflection

    • Links to the interns' work

    • What’s Next: (Ideas and Call for participation)