Checklist for editors

Editors should follow this checklist to help articles meet standards before being published.

Special notes for release announcements

  • Set the article slug to match the pattern announcing-fedora-<N> for final releases and announcing-fedora-<N>-beta for beta releases. This pattern is expected for things like the CommonBugs templates in the wiki.

  • Do not schedule the post. Release announcements should be published manually after confirming the website is up to date, etc.


  • Ensure the author’s first and last name appears in the preview. If not, follow the instructions here.

  • After the introductory paragraph, include the --- Read More --- element. This causes RSS readers to visit the site to view the article.

  • Remove any monospace text mixed into paragraphs, such as <tt> elements. Either convert these to italics, or move them into Preformatted blocks in WordPress, fixing surrounding text as necessary.


  • Check the article for adherence to the guidelines for writers. This may take a while, so leave yourself sufficient time for this step.

  • Set all article and section titles to sentence case.


  • Eliminate use of I, we, us, and our in the article, rewriting where necessary. Articles should not refer to the author if avoidable.

SEO and metadata

  • Set an appropriate focus keyword.

  • Address any article shortcomings that affect readability. (It may not be possible to turn the readability score to "green" in all cases.)

  • Categorize the article. The default "Fedora Project community" category should rarely be used.

  • Add tags for article subject matter. Use as many as possible. As you type a new tag, observe the popup help. Try to choose relevant tags, and avoid creating new ones with trivial differences.

  • Add an Excerpt in the document details in WordPress. This shows up in the RSS feed shown in start page in Fedora’s web browser defaults.

  • Set the article slug. This should exclude common short words like "of", "and", and "the". The slug should give a sense of what the article is about but be succicnt. Putting the focus keyword at the beginning of the slug will make the SEO plugin happy.

  • Make sure the article has an appropriate featured image. This is not the same as an image in the article text itself, and should not appear there. Use the Featured Image box in the document details in WordPress.

  • Featured images should be captioned with an appropriate attribution if they are not original or make use of third party components.

  • Featured images submitted by the author should be captioned using Contributed by: and indicate the author’s name.

  • Featured images should be included or submitted to the featured images repo on Pagure. Refer to the documentation on featured images for more information.


  • Schedule the article to publish at 08:00 UTC (the Magazine default timezone) on the selected day, unless decided otherwise.

  • For articles that are part of a series, it is necessary to visit the post in WordPress AFTER is has been published and add the series indicator. Refer to the section Adding an article to a series in the WordPress Operations page for instructions.