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Provide documentation for users and contributors.


The Fedora Documentation Project was created to provide documentation for fedora users and contributors. It’s like "The Bible" for using Fedora and other software used by the Fedora Project. It uses Publican, a free and open-source publishing tool. Publican generates html pages from content in DocBook XML format. The source files are in a git repo and publican builds html files from these source files whenever changes are made. As these are static pages these are available on all the proxy servers which serve our requests for

Updates process

The fedora docs writers update and build their docs and then push the completed output into a git repo. This git repo is then pulled by each of the Fedora proxies and served as static content.

Note that docs is talking about setting up a new process, this SOP needs updating when that happens.

Reporting bugs

Bugs can be reported at the Fedora Documentation’s Bugzilla. Here’s the link:

Errors or problems in the wiki can be modified by anyone with a FAS account.

Contributing to the Fedora Documentation Project

If you find the existing documentation insufficient or outdated or any particular page is not available in your language feel free to improve the documentation by contributing to Fedora Documentation Project. You can find more details here:

Translation of documentation is taken care by the Fedora Localization Project aka L10N. More details can be found at:

Publican wiki

More details about Publican can be found at the publican wiki here: